Fianna's personal and professional endeavors have always been driven by 2 traits - a desire to always learn and improve, and her desire to truly help people. 


This was the driving force behind her pivot to starting her PMU business along with her already successful business as an accountant. 


Being a permanent makeup artist allows her to blend her precision and attention to detail with her artistic skills. A perfect compliment in an industry that requires the right blend of art and science for optimal results for each individual client.  This allows Fianna to handle clients ranging from simple microblading touch-ups to complex repair of others' previously flawed or old work and is what sets her apart from other PMU practices. 


Fianna is the lead artist at Au Naturel Brows on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Penn State University and also owns a successful accounting practice serving local businesses in the Bay Area.